Definition of Music no. 112037:
Music is the Flavor of Consciousness

Dan Plonsey
Summer, 2001

Keywords: flavor, flavour, music, definition, private and universal consciousness

Music is the flavor of consciousness. In the plant kingdom, music is the flower as consciousness.

At those times when you are aware of consciousness itself, everything is musical.

This is not to say that music is an expression of consciousness, or a metaphor for consciousness. Music is simply what consciousness tastes like.

I do not mean to limit consciousness and the awareness thereof to that of a single, distinct entity: I mean to implicate the hypothetical universal consciousness in any of its hypothetical guises, and also manifestations and subsets therefrom. Also, I mean to include those deep aspects of consciousness that are not immediately apprehensable, i.e., that which is referred to as the unconscious (on any scale of collectivity), that which is buried deep in our animal past (dating back at least as far as the split into the two kingdoms of plants and animals), all the way back to that which is called the soul. So, by extension, music is the flavor of soul.