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Venues and Festivals of Creative and Improvised Music World-Wide

Joe Germuska maintains a list of
venues in North America (mostly). Following is a list of venues with web sites.
First, North America, left to right more-or-less:

Jazz and Creative Music mailing lists

For the un-initiated, mailing lists fall into a couple main categories:

To sign onto our e-mail mailing list

(you'll receive monthly notification of our shows and very occasional information about special events), or for more information about Beanbender's, send me e-mail right here and now:
We now have two Bay Area regional mailing lists for discussion of local creative music / improvisation: ba-newmus, which covers improvisation, new music, and whatever; and also ba-improv, which covers the same subjects, but as part of a national set of "-improv" lists. In this set, you may find the following regional lists (more in development): To subscribe to any of these lists, send email to with a message body of:
subscribe list-name
= chi-improv
, etc)

There is also a euro free improv mailing list."

Here is a comprehensive list of mailing lists (including Sun Ra, Miles, Coltrane, jazz, etc.).

Radio Stations

Creative Music Journals, Zines, e-Zines, Books

Creative Music Mail Order

California-based Creative Music CD/Record Labels

You can find a great list of Creative Music labels worldwide at Peter Stubley's EFIP list of Independent Labels, complete with contact info, and some further links!

Other North American Creative Music CD/Record Labels