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March 1: Concert Review
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November 15: Concert Review
November 20: a concert that didn't happen

...was to be a concert by Hans Reichel, but the gallery was not available. I include this note only because I wanted to find a good place to include a link to Reichel's font, Barmeno

November 22:
November 29:
December 6:
December 7: (THURSDAY) Concert Review
December 13:
December 18: (MONDAY) 8PM Beth Custer's CD release party. Custer is one of the most inventive musicians on clarinet / bass clarinet / alto clarinet / saxophone / trumpet / zither / percussion / voice that we know of.
December 20:
December 27: Concert Review


January 3:
January 10: Concert Review
January 17: Concert Review
January 24: Concert Review
January 31: Concert Review
February 7: Concert Review

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February 10: (Saturday) Not at Beanbender's, but at St. John's! Concert Review

February 14: Concert Review
February 21: Concert Review
February 28: Concert Review
March 6: Concert Review
March 13: Concert Review
March 20: Concert Review
March 27: Concert Review
April 3: Concert Review
April 10: Concert Review
April 17: Concert Review
April 24: Concert Review

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April 27: (SATURDAY!) Admission $12. Concert Review

May 1: Concert Review
May 8: Concert Review
May 15: Concert Review
May 22:
May 29:
June 5: As part of the Bay Area Improv Fest Concert Review
June 12: A Salute to the Henry K's! Concert Review
June 19: Concert Review
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June 23: (SUNDAY!) Admission $10. Concert Review
June 26: Concert Review
July 7: Concert Review
July 14: Concert Review
July 21: Concert Review
July 28: Concert Review
August 4: Concert Review
August 11: Concert Review
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August 18: (ADMISSION $10) Concert Review
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August 23: (ADMISSION $13) Concert Review
August 25: Concert Review
September 1: Concert Review
September 8: Concert Review
September 15: Concert Review
September 22: Concert Review
September 29: Concert Review
October 6: Concert Review
October 13: Concert Review
October 20: Concert Review
October 27: Concert Review
November 3: Concert Review We're on vacation! No concert November 3!
November 10: Concert Review
November 17: Concert Review
November 24: Concert Review
December 1: An evening of music from the well beyond. Concert Review
December 8: Concert Review
December 15: Concert Review
December 22: Concert Review
December 29: Concert Review


January 5: Concert Review
January 12: Concert Review
January 19: Concert Review
January 26: Concert Review
February 2: Concert Review
February 9: Concert Review
February 16: Concert Review
February 23: Concert Review
Special FRIDAY show! $10. Usual 8:15-ish starting time. Reserve tickets by sending e-mail to:
February 28: Concert Review
March 2: This will be a Quite Fabulous time for you all! Concert Review
March 9: Concert Review
March 16: Concert Review
March 23: Concert Review
March 30: Concert Review
April 6: Concert Review
April 13: Concert Review
April 20: Concert Review
April 27: An Evening of Electronics Concert Review
May 4: Concert Review
May 11: Concert Review
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May 14: (WEDNESDAY night, $10) Concert Review
May 18: Concert Review
May 25: Concert Review
*** Special Gala Event! *** Special Gala Event! *** Special Gala Event! *** Special Gala Event!
June 1: Opening the First Annual Berkeley Arts Festival Concert Review Concert starts at 7:00 PM, and is at St. John's Church,
2727 College Avenue (at Garber) in Berkeley. That is, it is not in the usual location, the Berkeley Store Gallery Annex!!!$8 admission.
June 8: Concert Review
June 15: Concert Review
June 22: Special Saxophone Event! Concert Review Admission $7, except for those who can't abide saxophones, for whom admission is variable, depending upon the intensity and extent of your discomfiture.
June 29: Concert Review
July 6: An evening in which Amsterdam collides with N. California: Concert Review
July 13: Concert Review
July 20: Concert Review
July 27: Concert Review
August 3: Concert Review
August 10: Concert Review
August 17: Special show! $10 admission. Concert Review
August 24: Concert Review
August 31:
September 3: (WEDNESDAY night, $12)

Update, August 29: Beanbender's and Roscoe Mitchell are very disappointed to have to announce that the September 3 concert will not take place. Mr. Mitchell is recuperating from emergency surgery for an intestinal condition. He's reportedly doing well, but won't be traveling to Seattle, Berkeley, or Detroit for scheduled concerts next week.

What was scheduled: Roscoe Mitchell, solo; Nonaah alto saxophone quartet; music for Creative Orchestra.
One of the great creative forces in all of music, Roscoe Mitchell is a founding member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago with whom he has recorded many many albums; while also leading his own ensembles, releasing recordings on Delmark, Lovely Music, Black Saint, Nessa, Victo and others. I've created a provisionary discography of Roscoe Mitchell's recordings. His most recent release is a double CD on Delmark, Sound Songs, on which he plays solo and overdubbed saxophones, flutes, and his trademark little percussion instruments; an entirely remarkable recording.
September 7: Concert Review
September 14: Concert Review
September 21: $7 admission. Concert Review
September 28: $6 admission. Concert Review
October 5: Concert Review
October 12: Concert Review
October 19: Concert Review
October 26: Admission $8 Concert Review
November 2: Concert Review
November 9: Concert Review
November 16: Concert Review
November 23: Concert Review
November 30: Concert Review
December 7: Concert Review
December 14: Concert Review
December 21: Concert Review
December 28: Vacation!


January 4: More vacation!
January 11:
January 18: Concert Review
January 25: Concert Review
February 1: We're celebrating the Groundhog Day weekend! Beanbender's workers on vacation, no concert.
February 8: Concert Review
February 15: Concert Review
February 22: Concert Review
March 1: Our THIRD Anniversary!!! Concert Review
March 8: Admission $7. Concert Review
March 15: Concert Review
March 22: Concert Review
March 29: Concert Review
April 5: an evening of electro-acoustic invention! Concert Review
April 12: an evening with Music and Arts recording artists... Concert Review
April 19: Concert Review
April 26: Rastascan CD release party!!!Admission $7 Concert Review
May 3: Concert Review
  • 024c (not to foresee) James Livingston (sax), Tom Swafford (violin), Loren Dempster (cello); with guests Gino Robair and Bill Hsu. Guided free improv with Oblique Strategies cards
  • Ben Goldberg, clarients; John Schott, guitar; and Trevor Dunn, bass.
May 10: Concert Review
  • Rich Halley and the Lizard Bros., from Oregon.
  • Shoko Hikage/Phil Gelb/Ben Goldberg/Carla Kihlstedt: koto, shakuhachi, clarinet, violin.
May 17: Concert Review
  • Dave Slusser's Ellington project
  • Compomicro-dexall: Jake Rodriguez, voice/electronics; Jeremy Stone, bass; Mike Guarino, drums.

*** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event!

May 19: TUESDAY! Admission $10. Concert Review
  • Clusone Trio: Han Bennink, Ernst Reijseger, and Michael Moore. Bennink is probably the best known improvising percussionist in Europe, and this concert will be his first ever in the Bay Area!

May 24:
  • Open jam night.
May 31: Concert Review
  • Circular Firing Squad: David Kwan, Eva Baumgartner, Xopher Davidson, Tim Walters, electronics.
  • Bob Boster Faces Circular Firing Squad, replacing the Seattle Young Composers' Orchestra, which has had to cancel this appearance - see them instead at Venue 9 (call 415-289-2000 for sate and info).

*** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event!
We are very pleased to announce the re-scheduling of a concert which was to have taken place September 3, but which was cancelled due to an emergency hospitalization of the artist.

June 7: Admission $12 Concert Review
  • Roscoe Mitchell, solo; Nonaah alto saxophone quartet; music for Creative Orchestra.
    One of the great creative forces in all of music, Roscoe Mitchell is a founding member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago with whom he has recorded many many albums; while also leading his own ensembles, releasing recordings on Delmark, Lovely Music, Black Saint, Nessa, Victo and others. I've created a provisional discography of Roscoe Mitchell's recordings. His most recent release is a double CD on Delmark, Sound Songs, on which he plays solo and overdubbed saxophones, flutes, and his trademark little percussion instruments; an entirely remarkable recording.

June 14: Moe! Staiano Night Concert Review
  • Moe!kestra performs Death by Dildo
  • Moe! plus musicians in a variety of small groups and more!

*** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event!

June 16: TUESDAY! Admission $10. Concert Review
  • The Gerry Hemingway Quartet, with Ray Anderson, trombone; Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; Mark Dresser, bass, and Gerry Hemingway, percussion. Individually some of the very strongest players in the creative music world, the quartet has been getting great reviews as it plows inexorably across the country. I first heard Hemingway and Anderson in New Haven in the late 70's, and things have never been the same since! (While you peruse all the group member's web sites, be certain to visit Eskelin's page about his father, Rodd Keith, one of the most unique and oddly talented of musicians ever, some of whose vast oeuvre is available on I Died Today (Tzadik, Lunatic Fringe Series)).

June 21: Concert Review
  • Gebhard Ullmann's Tá Lam 10 (grown from the earlier Tá Lam Acht), from Germany. 9 woodwinds and one accordion, about which is said: "This introverted music seems to respire the fragrance of wood and leather. Expressing something earthenly and genuinely creative it carries the listener to faraway distances. The music is viscously applied but, nevertheless, creating a picturesque and delicate transparency." Of Gebhard Ullmann, Paul Bley says, "Gebhard Ullmann is one of the finest improvising artists in the world."
June 28: $7. Concert Review
  • Matthew Sperry and Carla Kihlstedt
  • John Butcher and Gino Robair Two sets of music for people who are sick of bombast and just want a little quiet magic. And we don't talk about magic very often in these practical times!
July 5: Concert Review
  • Ben Opie and friends. Opie is an inventive saxophonist/clarinetist/vacuum hose-playing Sun Ra enthusiast from Pittsburgh, where he leads the Water Shed quintet. With John Shuirba, Morgan Guberman, and Gino. "It should be a good night!" says Opie, and we heartily agree!
  • Bilge: Eric Glick Rieman, keyboards; David Mairs, drums; David Slusser, theremin, slussomatic, saxophone, samples; Len Paterson, samples, guitar; Robin Walsh, guitar. Eric makes the following definition: "bilge: darkly humorous improvised music made with the audience in mind," and also: "Bilge = momentarily ambient and occasionally groovy improvisational structures combining electronica with acoustic instruments."
July 12: Concert Review
  • SPORK: Christa Williams, keyboards and assorted noises; Roger Reidlebauer, guitar, effects; Eddie X, drums. (Die Knodel ("The Dumplings") have had to cancel.) Spork will perform "a set of avant-garde easy-listening pieces that would fit in at Beanbenders as well as over the intercom of your local supermarket."
  • Steuart Liebig, with Vinny Golia and Billy Mintz. Composer/improvisor/bassist Liebig has played and recorded with Les McCann, Julius Hemphill, and most of LA's finest creative musicians. This is his first performance at Beanbender's.
  • Trouble Bound: Vinny Golia fans will want to be home by 11:35 for the screening of "Trouble Bound" (1993), a slasher movie for which Golia contributed the soundtrack!
July 19: Concert Review
  • Supermarky and friends, including: Chris Maher, Randy Porter, Carla Fabrizzio, Toyoshi Tomita, Sarah Willner, Mantra, and Dan Plonsey. Supermarky is a genius artist of thieves - or at least of borrowers - who only improves upon what he takes; a composer "fighting for the windmills, not against." His totally amazing, gaudy, extravagant web site reflects his undiscriminating passion for all that is most glamorous and trashy. Supermarky writes: " Supermarky de Sage and the Sexy fuckers will perform music by Hedy Wong/Gregory Corso, Kurt Schwitters, Supermarky/Gregory Beaumont, Chris Maher/Adolf Wolfli, and Hans Eisler/Berthold Brecht 8 pm 7/19 at Beanbender's.
    Supermarky de Sage can forgive almost anything to beauty but would prefer to see art in the service of revolution. He symphonizes, videotapes, writes, sings, draws and takes pictures. Many tuneful works have been written for him by wonderful composers such as Hedy Wong (James Tenney is mad for her), Dan Plonsey, Barney Jones, Taylor Poff, Jonathan Golove and others. He has been featured in lavish productions of works by Mauricio Kagel, Luciano Berio, Gyorgy Ligeti, John Cage, Dieter Schnebel, Sylvano Bussotti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Soon 3 and others. He has also acted in independent, underground and horror films. He studied voice with Mildred Owens, Faith Winthrop and Pandit Pran Nath and composition with David Reck, Jonathan Kramer, Robert Moore, Krzyztof Penderecki, Peter Maxwell Davies, Martin Bresnick, David Rosenboom and Lou Harrison. Supermarky is a prominent personality presence on the internet and you can get a taste of him, purchase recordings, artifacts, relics and enter his online contest at (soon to be accesible through
  • CMU - electronic music from Sacramento, our state's capital city!
  • Sepecu - Justin and friend.
July 26: Concert Review
  • Laura Carmichael - cancelled!
  • Dan Plonsey Ensemble. C'est moi! A melancholy yet harmonically lush collection of works for strings, a few winds and a disgruntled voice or two. With Carla Kihlstedt, Jenny Scheinman, Tom Swafford, Samantha Black, Ashley Adams, Tom Yoder, Randy Porter, and Mantra Ben-Ya'akova. The "Pre-mix Version" - a distorted deconstruction (pre-construction) of the "Orchestral" version, in which the performers re-arrange, re-harmonize, re-interpret and rhythmically offset their music, as a sort of deja vu impression - will be performed two days earlier, at the East Bay Creative Music Festival. New t-shirts will be available for the discerning garment-wearer!
August 2: Concert Review
  • Positive Knowledge: Oluyemi Thomas, Ijeoma Thomas, Spirit, and special guest, Tim Perkis.
  • Steve Horowitz's Mousetrap. Former Bay Area resident Horowitz is now living in Amsterdam, composing music for medical films. With Dave Revelli, drums; Wiley Evans, tuba.
August 5: Wednesday Concert Review
  • Ben Goldberg's Brainchild: Ben whispers instructions to a dozen or more of the area's most suggestible improvisors! With Steve Adams, Dan Plonsey, Jacob Lindsay, reeds; John Schott and Will Bernard, guitars; Graham connah, piano; Carla Kihlstedt, violin; David Ewell (sp?), bass; Smith Dobson Jr., drums; and Jewlia Eisenberg and Brenda Boykin, voice.
August 6: Thursday Concert Review
  • Ben Goldberg's Brainchild: Ben whispers a whole bunch of different instructions to a dozen or more of the area's most suggestible improvisors! (This band is definitely worth seeing as many times as possible!) Personnel more-or-less the same as above, plus Mantra Ben-Ya'akova, voice.
August 9: $10 Concert Review
August 16: Concert Review
August 23: Concert Review
August 29: Saturday Concert Review
August 30: Concert Review

Originally scheduled for September 6, The Splatter Trio have had to reschedule to a date in the fall.

September 6: Concert Review
September 13: $8. Concert Review
September 20: $12. Concert Review
September 27: Concert Review
October 4: Concert Review
October 11: Concert Review
October 18: Admission $7 Concert Review
October 23: FRIDAY, NOT SUNDAY!!! Concert Review
October 25:
November 1: Concert Review

*** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event! *** Special Event!

November 2: Admission $10 Concert Review
November 8: Concert Review
November 15: Concert Review
While the following event is not technically a "Beanbender's event," it takes place in our usual space, and we very much hope that you will be able to join us.

November 21: SATURDAY, 8PM. Concert Review $20.00 sliding scale donation - all procedes to benefit the family. For more info call 510-235-6586, or e-mail
November 22: Concert Review
November 29: $10. Concert Review
December 6: $12, 7:30 starting time!!! Concert Review
December 13: Concert Review
December 20: Concert Review
December 27: Concert Review

New Starting Time for All Concerts!!!

7:30 PM

January 3: Vacation!

January 10: Limited Sedition CD-R elease party!!! Concert Review

January 17: Concert Review
January 24: Vacation!

January 31: Concert Review Last but not least: the final show in Beanbender's 4 year history of weekly concerts - or rather, for the forward-looking of us: the first of a new scheme of Beanbender's concerts: in different places with different themes!
Note that this show is not in our usual location!!! It is very nearby, however:
The Capoeira Arts Cafe
2026 Addison

4 blocks North and 1/2 block West of our current location; one block North of the main exit from Berkeley BART; halfway between Shattuck and Milvia, right across from the Berkeley Rep.:

February 6: SATURDAY!!! $8: Creative Music of Chicago Hybrids

February 7 - April 10: Nothing Scheduled

This following show was cancelled, due to Gebbia's ill health.

April 11: $7. At the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1823 9th St. Berkeley, NE corner of 9th and Hearst.
Gianni Gebbia, saxophonist extraordinaire from Palermo, Sicily!
The best description of Gebbia's music still belogns to Marco Boccitto:"Everything: from free masters, radical improvisation, ney flute music to unknown ethnical masters comes out in Gianni Gebbia solo with a kind of circular ring shape plus a special mediterranean attractive."
Gebbia appeared previously at Beanbender's, on April 26, 1998, and on February 23, 1997, both times to considerable acclaim, and to an immediate contract for a solo recording with Rastascan Records, for what would be released as H Portraits.

Beanbender's Begins it's series of Last-Sunday-of-the-Month shows at the
Fine Arts Cinema, Shattuck @ Haste, Berkeley, CA:

April 25

The following two shows (May 11 and May 23) are co-sponsored by the Berkeley Festival of the Arts.
Both start at 8:30 PM.
Both take place at:
2026 Shattuck Avenue
(between University and Addison, a block from Berkeley BART)

May 11: $5.
  • The Cleveland Plonsey Urchestra (CPU)
  • Ben Goldberg's Highly Effective Habits

May 23: $10.
  • BassDrumBone: Gerry Hemingway, drums; Ray Anderson, trombone; Mark Helias, bass. This is one of the longest-lived creative music trios, having begun playing together in 1977. Each member of the trio has performed extensively in many contexts; all having performed and recorded with Anthony Braxton (Hemingway having been the drummer for Braxton's notorious quartet from 85-94). Hemingway tours all over the world leading solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet ensembles; Helias is known as much as a composer as bassist, having five albums of his own compositions, as well as having performed and recorded with musicians including Cecil Taylor, Don Cherry and Oliver Lake; and Anderson is simply one of the very best trombonists in the world, combining an amazing palette of techniques with a sense of both humor and wistfulness.

...and now back at the Fine Arts Cinema, 2451 Shattuck @ Haste, Berkeley, CA:

May 30

Sunday, June 20, 8PM
from Holland, Ensemble LOOS

At CNMAT, 1750 Arch St, Berkeley (by the UC Berkeley campus)
$8-12, sliding scale
Info: CNMAT 510-643-9990, Beanbender's 415-621-1967

(LOOS will also perform Sat. 6/19 at Tehama Alley, 58 Tehama, SF, with Inseminator (Dave Slusser, Len Patterson, Ken Kearney) and the Bran (another plight of medic's...) Pos)

Holland's Ensemble LOOS is known for a variety of projects involving notated music, improvised music, live electronics and avant-garde theatre. They have played at major European festivals such as Donaueschingen Musiktage in Germany, and are passing through the Bay area en route to their performances at the Vancouver Jazz Festival.

The music of LOOS is sparse and intense, with abrupt textural and tempo changes. They acknowledge the influence of Japanese Noh theatre, and have been compared to Captain Beefheart. Kevin Whitehead describes them at length in his book New Dutch Swing, on the Dutch new music scene.

Composers such as Louis Andriesson, Guus Janssen, Richard Barrett, and Cornelius de Bondt have dedicated pieces to LOOS. Recent recordings have appeared on the Donemus/Composers Voice and Geestgronden labels.

"Like Captain Beefheart, van Bergen can make the thorniest stuff really move." Kevin Whitehead

LOOS current lineup:

Peter van Bergen (saxophones and electronics). In an article in Option in 1993, John Corbett lists van Bergen as one of three major avant-garde saxophonists of the '90s (the others being John Butcher and Mats Gustafsson). Van Bergen has a long career in new music, including extended stints with the group Hoketus, and collaborations with Louis Andriesson, Cecil Taylor and the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Huib Emmer (guitars and electronics) is known as both a composer and performer. A recent CD of his chamber music was released on the Dutch Donemus/Composers Voice label, and a CD of electronics on the X-OR label.

Gerard Bouwhuis (piano) is well-known as a performer of classical music, including works of the 20th century. Among his recordings is a disk of pieces by Messian for two pianos.

The other band members are Dennis Rudge (voice and movement), Patricio Wang (guitars), and a percussionist.

...and back at the Fine Arts again...
June 27
July 25:

August 29: September 19:
Concert Review 8PM, admission $13
At Mills College(5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, 510-430-2296)
-- with the kind help of the Mills College Music Department -- Beanbender's presents:

Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink!!!!!

Misha Mengelberg (piano) and Han Bennink (percussion) are two of the most important Dutch musicians active today. In Kevin Whitehead's recent book New Dutch Swing, he considers Misha and Han to be the founders (along with one or two others, most notably Willem Breuker) of what has become the major school of Dutch new music over the last 30 years.
This concert will be the last of a limited tour of North America.

Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink; photos by Massimo Golfieri and Bill Smith respectively.


May 16, 2000, 8PM. $6-10, sliding scale.
Beanbenders is poking its head up to present a concert by English violin and electronics artist, Kaffe Matthews. And, see here also.
"Joan of Arc meeting Segovia in a back alley electronics laboratory, . . . a menage \340 trois of singular mad electronics and strange visions of a magical musical afterlife."
"Kaffe Matthews . . . . . . If one of Charlie's Angels played the MIDI violin and had a Marcel Duchamp fixation . . . . . ."
"Kaffe Matthews . . . . . . A farmer's daughter seduced by urban tribalism"

At a relatively new space called Tuva: 3192 Adeline, where M.L.K. and Adeline merge together, half a block south of Ashby BART.
There will be three sets:

Tuva is at: 3192 Adeline, where M.L.K. and Adeline merge together, half a block south of Ashby BART.
Kaffe will be "in residence" at Tuva from noon-4, on Tuesday, to meet and jam with anyone interested.

June 2000:

In honor of the "American Mavericks" concerts, Beanbender's presents: Monday June 12, 8PM. $6-10, sliding scale.
Mark Stewart with Pamela Z and Dan Plonsey

Also at Tuva: 3192 Adeline, where M.L.K. and Adeline merge together, half a block south of Ashby BART, West side of the street.

Mark plays guitar with the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, the Bang on a Can All-Stars, and on Paul Simon's recent tour. He's also one of only a handful of daxophone players in the entire world! (The daxophone is a bowed, fretted, slat of carved wood - the invention of Hans Reichel - named for the plaintive cries and low grunts of the "dax": the Eurasian badger.)
Pamela Z is a San Francisco-based composer/performer and audio artist who works primarily with voice, live electronic processing, and sampling technology. In performance, she creates layered works combining operatic bel canto and experimental extended vocal techniques with a battery of digital delays, found percussion objects, and sampled sounds triggered with a MIDI controller called The BodySynthTM (which allows her to manipulate sound with physical gestures).
Dan plays saxophones, clarinets, oboe, autoharp, violin, toy pianos, acrusonic organ, trombone and other things. Also known as an MC for many Beanbender's concerts, and most recently for his music for Daniel Popsicle, and for a false - or failed - Renaissance.

Sunday, September 10, 8PM. $18

Concert Review

At the Mills College Concert Hall (5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland)
Beanbender's... collaboration with Mills College (specifically Chris Brown), Amoeba Music, and a grant from a local keyboardist/composer who wishes to remain anonymous, and made possible with generous support from the Wallace-Reader's Digest Funds via the Western Jazz Presenters Network
...Presents the:

The ICP Orchestra

featuring some of Holland's best known (and best!) musicians:

Misha Mengelberg (piano)
Ab Baars (clarinet/saxophone)
Michael Moore (clarinet/saxophone)
Thomas Heberer (trumpet)
Wolter Wierbos (trombone)
Mary Oliver (viola)
Tristan Honsinger (cello)
Ernst Glerum (bass)
Han Bennink (drums)

Kevin Whitehead, in his recent book New Dutch Swing, gives quite a bit of attention and praise to these musicians, in particular to Misha and Han, who are generally recognized as two of the most significant innovators in European music of the last 35 years.
The rest of the members of the band are all well known in Europe if not the US - Michael Moore and Han Bennink were 2/3 of the Clusone Trio.
Beanbender's sponsored a concert of just Misha and Han last year September 19, 1999, and that concert got mostly rave reviews

For reservations, e-mail or call: / 510-642-3163.
(Do not call Mills College for anything other than directions - their help in sponsoring the show is limited to providing the hall at a substantial discount.)

Sunday, June 24, 2001
2200 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA. 40-minute sets by four orchestras, in the following order:
Daniel Popsicle
7:50PM: Ben Goldberg's Brainchild
8:40PM: Toychestra
9:30PM: Graham Connah's Jettison Slinky
$6-10, sliding scale.

This event is part of the Berkeley Arts Festival, Beanbender's presents an evening of music in the former Lee Frank Jewelers, 2200 Shattuck Avenue, downtown Berkeley, across the street and a block away from our old location, a south of Berkeley BART.

For more information about the Berkeley Arts Festival, call: 510-665-9496.

The lineup of musicians

Ben Goldberg's Brainchild will include: Dan Plonsey, saxophone; Jacob Lindsey, clarinet; John Schott, guitar; Will Bernard, guitar; Zev Averbach, guitar; Carla Kihlstedt, violin; Suzy Thompson, violin; Matt Brubeck, cello; Graham Connah, piano; Devin Hoff, bass; Miya Osaki, bass; Ches Smith, drums; Scott Amendola, drums; Willie Winant, drums; Ethan and Reuben, keyboards?; Sex for Teens, speech.

Daniel Popsicle includes at least the following: Ben Goldberg, clarinet; Michael Zelner, clarinet; Carol Adee, flute; Phil Gelb, shakuhachi; Randy Porter, guitar, cumbus; John Schott, banjo, guitar; John Shiurba, electric guitar; Marc Culbertson, bass; Ward Spangler, percussion; Wayne Vitale, Balinese percussion.

Toychestra is: Lexa Walsh, Paula Alexander, Shari Robertson, Corey Weinstein, Petra Podlahova, and Angela Coon.

And finally, we must assume that Jettison Slinky will play a typical set of conventional, unadventurous, seemingly nostalgic jazz-rock. More information about Graham Connah may be gleaned from this interview in All About Jazz.


Tuesday, March 12, 2002
The Evan Parker/ Barry Guy/ Paul Lytton Trio show that was scheduled for this date has been cancelled!! The whole west coast tour is postponed until 2003, when they hope to be able to do it all in a van, vs. trying to do it now, flying.


While Beanbender's presented weekly concerts for 5 years (and now an occasional few more beyond), the concert I still hear about most often is from June 1995:

Fred Frith - solo guitar.

Two other favorite concerts were the appearances of the legendary Toychestra. (Appearance 1.)

Thus, we are very pleased to announce:

FRED FRITH and TOYCHESTRA - Apart and Together.

"Together" part featuring the world premiere of a concerto for guitar and toys by Dan Plonsey.
Two dates: Both concerts approx. $8, we think!

Fred Frith's solo music is amazing and wonderful for the way in which he can mix shimmery noise, strange tunings, brushes, kitchen utensils, and folk-like melodies into a dramatic and surreal narrative. Frith's compositions received wider public attention recently as the score for "Rivers and Tides," the Andy Goldsworthy film. (This soundtrack will be released by Winter & Winter in June.)

Toychestra's six women are charming and crude superheroes who save bits and pieces of the world at a time from dreary and maddening cynicism with their collection of toy pianos, toy violin, emergency board, yes-man, boing-boing, accordion-people, grrrlz-rule, etc., apparently arranged for under the influence of beer and marshmallow peeps.

Toychestra is: Lexa Walsh, Shari Robertson, Corey Weinstein, Petra Podlahova, Angela Coon, and Michelle Adams.

As part of the 2003 Berkeley Arts Festival, Beanbender's co-presents 3 shows at the Festival Headquarters:
2110 Shattuck Avenue, between Addison and Center, right by Berkeley BART

Saturday, October 11, 2003, 8PM
Dan Plonsey, Mantra Plonsey, Joe Karten, Liz Allbee, Tom Djll, Lynn Wold and John Schott: FISH POND.

Thursday, October 16, 2003, 8PM Chris Jonas, Molly Sturges, Randy McKean, Tom Duff, various Plonseys, and others, in 1's, 2's, 3's and 4's as chosen by The Hat.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003, 8PM The Manufacturing of Humidifiers play together for the first time in... years! Dan Plonsey, Randy Porter and Ward Spangler.


Beanbender's is thrilled to co-present (with Rastascan Records, Limited Sedition, and BarelyAudible): Anthony Braxton in San Francisco, Thursday December 11, 2003
Click here for 300dpi version of photo.

Anthony Braxton will be making a rare West Coast appearance with a tentet performance at San Francisco's Victoria Theater on December 11. This will be Mr. Braxton's first Bay Area performance in 6 years, since he played at Yoshi's 1997.

Thursday, December 11, 2003
Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-7576
Tickets: $15/20/30, available from

Anthony Braxton is considered to be one of the pre-eminent living saxophonists and composers. He is a recent recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award. He has written over 300 compositions which range from his ground-breaking solo saxophone works to full-scale operas and pieces for multiple orchestras. He has toured and recorded prolifically, presenting in his bands such musicians as Dave Holland, Marilyn Crispell, George Lewis and Gerry Hemingway. The restless, wide-ranging complexity of his artistic vision frequently confounds the self-appointed guardians of the "jazz tradition," while at the same time inspiring serious listeners as well as countless students. Mr. Braxton is the subject of several books, including his own Tri-Axium Writings and Composition Notes (available from Frog Peak). A former resident of Oakland (he taught at Mills College for six years), he currently lives in Middletown, CT, where he is professor of music composition at Wesleyan University.

The tentet Mr. Braxton will be presenting features many of the players from the critically acclaimed recording Six Compositions (GTM) 2001 in live performance for the first time. The ensemble will premiere new compositions by Mr. Braxton, who will be conducting and performing in the ensemble. The complete ensemble lineup is as follows:

Anthony Braxton: reeds; Liz Allbee: trumpet; Matt Ingalls: clarinets; Greg Kelley (Boston): trumpet; Dan Plonsey: reeds; Gino Robair< /B>: percussion; Scott Rosenberg (LA): reeds; Jay Rozen (NY): tuba; Sarah Schoenbeck (LA): bassoon; John Shiurba: guitar.

Most conspicuously absent from this performance will be our great friend, bassist Matthew Sperry, who was struck and killed by a car this summer. Matthew had been the bass player in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," which had a long and successful run, also in the Victoria Theatre.

For more information, CDs, interview requests, etc., send e-mail to: Dan Plonsey:, or call Plonsey at: 510-237-9007.

Links providing more background on Anthony Braxton

About "Six Compositions (GTM) 2001," Ben Watson writes the following in "Hi Fi News":

"For the last decade, Anthony Braxton has declared that the image of the black musician as a mere 'Improvisor' was racist and that he wanted to be treated as a 'composer'. He produced a series of works, often interpreted by inferior collegiate bands, in which system outweighed musical interest. Over-enthusiastic small-label owners conspired to flood the market with poor releases.

"Now, however, Braxton has found a real band, and the critical listener can see the point of his previous experiments. John Shiurba (guitar), Matthew Sperry ( bass), and Gino Robair (percussion) provide just the right speedy context for Braxton's mind-blowing reeds, and carry the tentet required for "Composition No 286". Braxton's iridescent, multicoloured music writhes like a flaming dragon -- Shiurba's skronk guitar adds crucial punk edge. Braxton's solo line has never sounded so intelligent, so potty, so logical an extension of Charlie Parker. Bravo, maestro!"