Roscoe Mitchell Discography (Preliminary)

Following is a discography for Roscoe Mitchell, listing only album titles, artist, label and date. Usually recording date, but perhaps not always - please don't consider this a definitive source for dates! Roscoe Mitchell is a giant figure in the history of this planet, so someone will certainly have to do this right, and very soon, and when they do I hope they'll let me know! Meanwhile, please send me email to alert me to any omissions or blunders.

Most of the information below comes from Roscoe Mitchell's press kit; I've added a couple entries from Sandeep Mehta's Art Ensemble of Chicago Discography, and from AACM website's Art Ensemble of Chicago discography.

Soon I hope to incorporate details from Jack Lefton's Art Ensemble of Chicago discography - as of 2003, Jack's is still being updated, and seems the best place to get track listings, dates, places, etc., for the Art Ensemble recordings I've only listed by title.

Thanks also to: George Scala, Marcel-Franck Simon, Steve Smith, Steve Berman, Gerald Cleaver, Joaquin Villaverde Martinez, Stu Kremsky, George Curran, Brian Olewnick Jack Lefton, Mark Bradford, Jose Ignacio Pena Chocarro, William T. Koltek, G. Zampriolo, Josef "Pepsch" Muska, Greg Campbell, the George Lewis discography (UC San Diego), Francesco Martinelli, and Al Margolis and Tom Buckner of Mutable Music for more titles and information.

Stu Kremsky references the AECO Discography, by Eddy Janssens and Hugo DeCraen published in an edition of 400 copies in July 1983 by New Think Publications, Brussels. I have not seen this document.

The entries in this discography are numbered automatically; thus when I add an earlier entry, it bumps up the numbers for the later ones - so please don't identify a recording by its number herein!

-- Dan Plonsey, August 21, 1997; last updated: April 17, 2003

  1. Nick Gravenites: "Whole Lotta Soul"/"Drunken Boat", (Out of Sight Records, 1965, Chicago) Greg Campbell writes: "Nick Gravenites, vocal and guitar - Mike Bloomfield, guitar - Elvin Bishop, guitar - Paul Butterfield, harmonica - Erwin Helfer, harpsichord - Scotty Holt, bass - Steve McCall, drums - Lester Bowie, trumpet - Julian Priester, trombone - Roscoe Mitchell, alto sax. 1. "Whole Lotta Soul" 2. "Drunken Boat." Nick Gravenites: We got two bizarre-sounding songs, had a thousand copies made; five hundred got lost in a warehouse somewhere, we gave away four hundred and sold a hundred. I gave my only copy to John Goddard of Village Music in Mill Valley, California." Another rarity to look for! 1965 1,2 - 7 WHOLE LOTTA SOUL/DRUNKEN BOAT OUT OF SIGHT RECORDS (US)
  2. The Roscoe Mitchell Sextet: Sound, (Delmark DS 408, 1966)
    Recently reissued on CD.
  3. Roscoe Mitchell and The Art Ensemble: The Art Ensemble 1967/68 Nessa NCD 2500 A/B/C/D/E (CD)20, Recorded: 5/18/1967, 5/19/1967, 6/26/1967, 8/11/1967, 8/25/1967, 9/2/1967, 11/2/1967, 11/25/1967, 3/4/1968, 3/11/1968 at Pete Bishop's Basement, Sound Studios, Lester Bowie's Basement, Roscoe Mitchell's Apartment, and Chess Studios, all Chicago, IL; Released: 10/1993) Details of personnel, tracks, and recording.
  4. Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble: Congliptious, (Nessa, 1968, re-released in above Nessa box)
  5. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: A Jackson in Your House, (Actuel BYG 529 302 / BYG 28,
    1969) Recorded June, 23, 1969 in Paris. Steve Smith says: "Now here's a mystery I wonder if anyone can explain? I have two different versions of "A Jackson in Your House" and I wonder why that is? The LP version (Affinity AFF 9, 1970) includes as its third track "The Waltz," a brief waltz (naturally) that clocks in at 1:15. But the CD version (Affinity AFF 752, 1989) omits "The Waltz" and includes instead "Hey Friend," a completely different track which begins and ends in audience applause. "Jackson" was originally a studio recording. Can anybody shed any light on this curiosity? Also on CD the timing for "Get in Line" is a minute longer, but I don't notice anything omitted on the vinyl version, so, short of sitting here with a stopwatch, I'll just assume the timing on the LP is incorrect."
  6. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Spiritual, (Polydor Freedom FLP 40108, Freedom 278125, Arista Freedom 1903, Trio PA 7034, Black Lion BLCD760219, 1201 Music 90272 6/26/1969, Paris) Toro (RM) 8:25; Lori Song (JJ) 3:53; That The Evening Sky Fell Through The Glass Wall And We Stood Alone Somewhere (JJ&LB) 5:58; The Spiritual (RM) 20:07
  7. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: People in Sorrow, (Emi Pathe 2C 062 10523, 1969)
  8. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Eda Wobu, (JMY (re-released in 1991), 1969)
    Steve Smith says: "Eda-Wobu" presents a single piece performed in Paris on October 5, 1969 and I'd assumed that it was a quasi-legitimate release from a radio archive - isn't that what JMY released for the most part while they were around? Does anybody have the live Byg or Affinity albums to check the date?
  9. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Message to Our Folks, (Actuel BYG 529 328 / BYG 29, 1969)
  10. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Reese and the Smooth Ones, (Actuel BYG 529 329 / BYG 27, 1969)
  11. Melvin Jackson: Funky Skull, (Limelight LS86071)
    Recorded 7/69 -- George Scala
  12. Various Artists: History of Jazz Vol. 10, (BYG/Actuel 529.610)
    Recorded 8/15/69. Contains one track "Unity" not on Hommage to Africa -- George Scala
  13. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Je Suis un Sauvage, (Saravah SH40014)
    Recorded 10/14/69 -- George Scala
  14. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Paris Session , (Arista Freedom AL 1903, Freedom FLP41006/7, 1973)
    Recorded 6/26/69 -- George Scala
  15. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Tutankhamun, (Freedom FLP40122)
    Recorded 6/26/69 -- George Scala. William T. Koltek says, "Re your query on Art Ensemble's 'Tutankhamun': It is also half of the Arista-Freedom 'Paris Session' double LP and has been released on CD by Black Lion under the title 'Tutankhamun.'" See entry above. (Tutankhamun has also been listed as: Polydor Freedom FLP 40122).
  16. Brigitte Fontaine: Comme a la Radio, (Saravah SH10016, 1970)
    Recorded 2/4/70 -- George Scala
  17. Various Artists: Born Free, (Scout SCS11)
    Recorded 3/21/70 -- George Scala
  18. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Live part 1, (BYG (Japan) YX2040)
    Recorded 8/13/70 -- George Scala
  19. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Live part 2, (BYG (Japan) YX2041)
    Recorded 8/13/70 -- George Scala
  20. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Home a.k.a. Go Home, (Galloway records GB600502, 1970, re-released in unmarked black and white package save for number: 2005006-X2)
    On "Dance," Lester Bowie (tp), Ivan Julien (tp), Bernard Vitet (tp), Ambrose Jackson (tp), Roscoe Mitchell (as, fl), Joseph Jarman (as, fl), Jean-Louis Chautemps (ts), Alain Matot (as), Ventosa (as), Kenneth Terroade (ts), Katarzinsky (tbn), Malachi Favors (b), 2 unknown trombones, 3 percussionists and a string ensemble, recorded March 1970 at Studio Ossian, Paris. Bowie, Mitchell, Jarman & Favors on Hello Chi (pt .1), From Bengali, From St. Louis, Fly With Honey Hee. ADD Fontella Bass, vocal, on Hello Chi. These tunes recorded April 1970 at Studio Ossian, Paris)
  21. Grachan Moncur III: New Africa, (Actuel BYG 529 321, 1970)
  22. Sonny Murray: Hommage to Africa, (Actuel BYG 529 303, 1970)
  23. Sonny Murray: Sunshine, (Actuel BYG 529 348, 1970)
  24. Claude Delcloo and Arthur Jones: Africanasia, (Actuel BYG 529 306, 1970)
  25. Archie Shepp: Yasmina a Black Woman, (Actuel BYG 529 304, 1970)
  26. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Les Stances a Sophie, (Emi Pathe CO62 11365, 1970)
  27. The Art Ensemble of Chicago : Chi Congo, (Decca 258 054, also Paula LPS4001, Carson 3678 ("this was the orignal issue" -- George Scala), and Toshiba (Japan) 88010, 1970)
  28. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Phase One, (America 30 AM 6116, 1970)
  29. Dave Burrell: After Love, (America 30 AM 6115, 1971)
    side one: After Love: a) Questions and Answers b) Random
    side two: My March
    Dave Burrell - Piano Roscoe Mitchell - Reeds Alan Silva - Ampified Cello/Violin Don Moye - Drums Ron Miller - Mandolin/Bass (1) Bertrand Gauthier - Drums (1) Michel Gladieux - Bass (1) Pierre Berjot - Production
    Also released as: Picadilly Records #PIC-3519. Recorded 1970.
  30. Allan Silva and the Celestial Communication Orchestra: Seasons, (Actuel BYG 529 343 43 44, 1971)
  31. Compilation: Gittin' to Know Y'all, (MPS 15269, 1971)
  32. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Art Ensemble of Chicago with Fontella Bass, (America 30 AM 6117, 1971)
  33. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Certain Blacks, (America 30 AM 6098, 1971)
  34. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Live, (Delmark DE-432, 1972
    This marks their return on January, 15, 1972 from Europe. It was recorded live at the Mandel Hall. - Joaquin Villaverde Martinez)
  35. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Bap-Tizum, (Atlantic SD 1639, 1972)
  36. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Fanfare for the Warriors, (Atlantic SD 1651, 1973)
  37. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Live at Mandel Hall, (Delmark/Trio Pa 6022-3, 1974)
  38. Roscoe Mitchell: The Roscoe Mitchell Solo Saxophone Concerts, (Sackville 2006, 1974)
  39. Roscoe Mitchell: Old Quartet, (Nessa 5, 1974)
  40. Roscoe Mitchell: Roscoe Mitchell Quartet, (Sackville 2009, 1975)
  41. Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra Music, (Arista AL 4080, 1976)
  42. Anthony Braxton: For Trio (Arista AB 4181, Recorded 9/22/77)
    Brian Olewnick: "side 1 has AB with Threadgill and Ewart, side 2 with Mitchell and Jarman. Recorded 9/22/77. Though it's not listed as such on the record, Lock's AB discography refers to the piece as Composition 76."
  43. George Lewis: George Lewis (Black Saint 120016, 1977)
    "According to the AECO Discography, by Eddy Janssens and Hugo DeCraen this was recorded in December 1977. Roscoe Mitchell does only play on one track of this recording (Shadograph(Sextet)). The CD cover (which is an exact copy of the LP version doesn´t mention an exact recording date, so I think December ´77 should be allright. The LP was released in 1978." -- Josef Muska
  44. The New York Loft Jazz Sessions: Wildflowers 5, (Douglas Records NBLD 7049, 1977)
  45. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Kabalaba, (AECO Records AECO 004, 1978)
  46. George Lewis: George Lewis, (Arista AB 4181, 1978)
  47. Roscoe Mitchell and Anthony Braxton: Roscoe Mitchell Duets with Anthony Braxton, (Sackville 3016, 1978)
  48. Roscoe Mitchell: Nonaah, (Nessa N-9/10, 1978)
  49. Roscoe Mitchell: LRG - The Maze S2 Examples, (Nessa N-14/15, 1979)
  50. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Nice Guys, (ECM LC 2516, 1979)
  51. Leo Smith Creative Orchestra: Budding of a Rose (Moers Music 02026, recorded at Palm Studio, Paris in June 1979)
  52. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Live in Berlin, (Westwind CD2051, 2CDs, recorded 1979)
    Recorded 19.3.1979
    Lester Bowie: trumpet, flugelhorn,vocals, percussion
    Roscoe Mitchell: flute, clarinet, saxes, vocals, percussion
    Joseph Jarman: flute, clarinet, oboe, saxes, vocals, percussion
    Malachi Favors: bass, vocals, percussion
    Don Moye: drums, vocals, percussion
    Disk one: total time 41:10
    1. As if it were the seasons (Jarman)
    2. A Jackson in your house (Mitchell)
    3. Crushed (Bowie)
    Disk two: total time 39:00
    1. Dreaming of the Master (Jarman)
    2. N'Famoudou Boudougou (Moye)
    3. Odwalla (Mitchell)
  53. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Full Force, (ECM 1 1167, 1980)
  54. Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble : Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancin' Shoes, (Nessa N-20, 1980)
  55. Muhal Richard Abrams: Spihumonesty, (Black Saint 120032, 1980)
  56. Lester Bowie: Works, (ECM 274-1 1980)
  57. Roscoe Mitchell with Tom Buckner and Gerald Oshita: New Music for Woodwinds and Voice, (1750 Arch Records S1785, 1981; re-released as one half of Space - New Music for Woodwinds and Voice/An Interesting Breakfast Conversation, Mutable Music 17501 (2 CDs))
    Roscoe Mitchell, Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass, Saxophones, Eb Soprano Clarinet; Thomas Buckner, Extended Voice; Gerald Oshita, Straight Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Saxophones, Contrabass Sarrusaphone, Conn-o-sax
    More info and review at Mutable Music.
  58. Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble: 3 X 4 Eye, (Black Saint Records BSR 120050, 1981)
  59. Roscoe Mitchell with Hugh Ragin and Tani Tabbal: More Cutouts, (Cecma Records CECMA 1003, 1981; reissued as CD with two alternate cuts added)
  60. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Among the People, (Praxis (Greece) CM 103, 1981)
    Steve Smith says: Side 1: "Among the People" (18:39) [actually "Tutankhamun"] Side 2: "Shango King" (7:50) [collective improvisation?] "Choosing a Cracker" (10:18) [actually "A Jackson in Your House"] Recorded live in Italy, August 1980
  61. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Urban Bushmen, (ECM 1211/12 2641211, 1982)
  62. Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space Ensembles: Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound and Space Ensembles, (Black Saint Records BSR 120070, 1983)
  63. Roscoe Mitchell and Space: An Interesting Breakfast Conversation, (1750 Arch Records S1806, 1984; re-released as one half of Space - New Music for Woodwinds and Voice/An Interesting Breakfast Conversation, Mutable Music 17501 (2 CDs))
    Roscoe Mitchell, Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass, Saxophones, Eb Soprano Clarinet; Thomas Buckner, Extended Voice; Gerald Oshita, Straight Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Saxophones, Contrabass Sarrusaphone, Conn-o-sax
    More info and review at Mutable Music.
  64. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Third Decade, (ECM 1273, 1985)
  65. Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra: Sketches from Bamboo, (Moers Music 02025, 1985)
  66. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Complete Live in Japan '84, Vol. 1, (Disk Union DIW 815, 1986)
  67. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Complete Live in Japan '84, Vol. 2, (Disk Union DIW 816, 1986)
  68. The Art Ensemble of Chicago : Naked, (Disk Union DIW 8011, 1986 )
  69. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Ancient to the Future, Volume 1, (Disk Union DIW 804, 1987)
  70. Roscoe Mitchell: Roscoe Mitchell solo - Live at the Muhle Hunziken, (Cecma Records CECMA 1008, 1987)
  71. Roscoe Mitchell Quartet: The Flow of Things, (Black Saint Records BSR 120090, 1987)
  72. Roscoe Mitchell with Spencer Barefield and Hugh Ragin: Live at the Knitting Factory, (Soul Note, 1987) I suspect that this is a reference to the recording listed below as: "Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble: Live at the Knitting Factory, (Black Saint LP 120120-1, CD 120120 2, 1990, recorded 11/11/87). Or is there indeed a second recording, perhaps from the same session?
  73. Roscoe Mitchell Sound Ensemble: Live in Detroit, (Cecma Records CECMA 1010/1011, 1988)
  74. Roscoe Mitchell: Four Compositions, (Lovely Music, Ltd. LCD 2021, 1988)
  75. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Alternate Express, (Disk Union DIW 832, 1989)
  76. Roscoe Mitchell and the Brus Trio: After Fallen Leaves, (Silkheart Records SHLP 126, SHCD 126, 1989)
  77. Anthony Braxton: Vancouver Duets, (Music and Arts 611),
    Recorded 6/30/89 -- George Scala
  78. Roscoe Mitchell: L'Avanguardia Di Chicago, (Black Saint Records BSRMJ 001, 1990)
    The album is a compilation inclosed in the italian magazine "Musica Jazz" (n. 4/90). it's not Roscoe Mitchell album. He appears in only a track on the "b" side. The takes in the album are as follow: - Zampriolo.
    SIDE A
    1) M.R. Abrams : Ribot (7.52)
    2) L. Jenkins : Albert Ayler (his life was too short) (4.04)
    3) A. Braxton : Composition 69 q (5.22)
    4 J. Jarman - Don Moye : in memory of my seasons (6.20)
    SIDE B
    1) R. Mitchell : Jojar (4.40) H. Ragin (tp.) R.Mitchell (a.s.) A.S. Barefield (g.) J.Sharid (b.) T. Tabal (d.) Milano 18-19 feb. 1981 2) Air : R.B. (8.19)
    3) G. Lewis : Cyrcle (6.27)
    4) M.R. Abrams : Positrain (3.50)
  79. The Art Ensemble of Chicago and Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy: Live at the Sixth Tokyo Music Joy '90, (Disk Union DIW 842E, 1990)
  80. Roscoe Mitchell, Richard Davis, Vartan Manoogian, Steven Sylvester, Vincent Davis: Songs in the Wind, (Victo Recordings VICTO CD001, 1990)
  81. Roscoe Mitchell and the Sound Ensemble: Live at the Knitting Factory, (Black Saint LP 120120-1, CD 120120 2, 1990).
    Recorded 11/11/87 -- George Scala
    Roscoe Mitchell (ss, as), Hugh Ragin (tp, flgh), A. Spencer Barefield (g, p), Jaribu Shahid (b, congas), Tani Tabbal (perc)
  82. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Art Ensemble of Soweto with Amabutho Male Zulu Chorus, (Disk Union DIW LP 8038, DIW CD 837, 1990)
  83. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Art Ensemble of Soweto, Volume II, America-South Africa, (Disk Union DIW CD 848E, 1991)
  84. The Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor: Dreaming of the Masters: inspired and dedicated to Thelonious Sphere Monk, (Disk Union DIW 846E, 1991)
  85. The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Dreaming of the Masters: inspired and dedicated to John Coltrane, (Disk Union DIW 854, 1991)
  86. Tom Buckner: Full Spectrum Voice, (Lovely Music, Ltd. LCD 3021, 1991)
  87. George Lewis: Voyager (Avant 014, released 1993)
    Voyager Duo 1 Voyager Duo 2 Voyager Duo 3 Voyager Duo 4 Voyager Duo 5 Voyager Duo 6 Voyager Duo 7 Voyager Duo 8 Home Coming
    George Lewis (tb), Roscoe Mitchell (as,ss) Voyager (1993), an interactive computer music composition by George Lewis recorded February 6, 1993
  88. Roscoe Mitchell and Muhal Richard Abrams: Roscoe Mitchell and Muhal Richard Abrams Duets and Solos, (Black Saint 120133, 1993)
  89. Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory: This Dance is for Steve McCall, (Black Saint 120150, 1993)
  90. Jodie Christian: Rain or Shine, (Delmark DE 467, 1994)
  91. Roscoe Mitchell: Hey Donald, (Delmark DE 475, 1994)
  92. Borah Bergman/Roscoe Mitchell with Tom Buckner: First Meeting (Knitting Factory Works LC 5650, 1995)
  93. Borah Bergman and Roscoe Mitchell: The Italian Concert, (Soul Note 121343-2i, no date??)
    Borah Bergman (p), Roscoe Mitchell (as, ss)
  94. The Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble: Pilgrimage, (Lovely Music, Ltd. LCD 2022, 1995)
  95. Matthew Shipp and Roscoe Mitchell: Matthew Shipp Duo with Roscoe Mitchell, (2 13 61 Records 21312.2, 1996)
  96. Ben Sidran: Mr. P's Shuffle, (Bean Bag 55554, 1996 release date)
  97. Compilation (30 Jahre Musikprotokoll - Moderne in Osterreich 1968-1997) (1996)
    "This is a 6 CD Box which contains contemporary music performed and recorded in Austria produced by the Austrian Radio and TV (ORF). On disc 6 there is a piece called "Improvisation" (10:20). It was recorded October 10, 1996. The musicians are: Roscoe Mitchell (fl, saxes9, Wolfgang Mitterer (keyb, electronic), Wolfgang Reisinger (d)." -- Josef Muska
  98. COMPILATION Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf - THE 20th ANNIVERSARY ALBUM
    "This CD was produced for the 20th Anniversary of Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf (No Label, No Number) produced by Angela Edlinger. Track 6 is a saxophone solo by Roscoe Mitcchell entitled "Solo" (8:46)." -- Josef Muska
  99. GYORGY SZABADOS Jelenes/Revelation (FONO FA-038-2, 1996)
    "This is a Hungarian CD with Hungarian musicians and Roscoe Mitchell. I only give the english titles. Motiv (26:01') Revelation (28:12) Free music in honour of the Art Ensemble of Chicago (18:29) Roscoe Mitchell (as), György Szabados (p, chanting, leader), Mihaly "Dudas" Dresch (ts,ss,b-cl), Ferenc Kovacs (tp,v), Robert Benkö (b), Istvan Balo (d,perc), Tamas Geröly (d, perc) recorded live at Thalia Theater Budapest, October 7th, 1996" -- Josef Muska
  100. Tom Hamilton: Off-Hour Wait State (Some Music About the Subway) Electronic environment by Tom Hamilton, with: Thomas Buckner - voice; Roscoe Mitchell - alto saxophone; Ralph Samuelson - shakuhachi; Peter Zummo - trombone; Jonathan Haas - trombone. (O.O. Discs OO26, 1996(?))
  101. Roscoe Mitchell: Sound Songs, solo woodwinds and overdubbed woodwinds and little percussion, (Delmark DE 493, 1997)
  102. Roscoe Mitchell Trio: The Day and the Night, with Malachi Favors, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums, (dizim 4101, rec. Nov. 11&12 1996, Chicago; to be released in 97;
    Gerald Cleaver says: for more info: dizim records, box 10, D-79672 Todtnauberg Germany fax(49)7671/8100)
  103. Roscoe Mitchell: Nine To Get Ready (ECM 1651) recorded May 1997 at Avatar Studio, NY.
    Roscoe Mitchell : saxophones, flute, vocal; Hugh Ragin : trumpet; George Lewis : trombone; Matthew Shipp : piano; Craig Taborn : pianos; Jaribu Shahid : basses, vocal; William Parker : double-bass; Tanni Tabbal : drums, percussion, vocal; Gerald Cleaver : drums
    Leola / Dream And Response / For Lester B / Jamaican Farewell / Hop Hip Bip Bir Rip / Nine To Get Ready / Bessie Harris / Fallen Heroes / Move Toward The Light / Big Red Peaches
  104. Jodie Christian: Soul Fountain, (Delmark DE 498, 2/10/98 release date)
  105. Art Ensemble of Chicago: Coming Home Jamaica, (Atlantic 83149, 10/27/98 release date; recorded 12/27/95, 1/16/96)
  106. Art Ensemble of Chicago: Urban Magic, (Musica Jazz MJCD 1150, recorded 6/4/97, Laroche-sur-Yon, France. Live performance included with the 3/03 issue of the Italian magazine Musica Jazz) Urban Magic (DM) (13:05); Mama Wants You (MF) (10:30); Dancer (DM) (3:32); Chant (RM) (12:40); Villa Tiamo (LB) (3:15); Horn Web (RM) (6:05); Odwalla (RM) (3:56); Strawberry Mango (AEOC) (5:22)
    Jack Lefton writes: "Live performance included with the 3/03 issue of the Italian magazine Musica Jazz. I do not know if this CD is available retail."
  107. Roscoe Mitchell: In Walked Buckner, (Delmark DE 510, 3/30/99 release date) With: Jodie Christian, Reggie Workman and Albert "Tootie" Heath.
  108. Roscoe Mitchell & Thomas Buckner: 8 O'Clock: Two Improvisations, (Mutable Music 17505)
    Thomas Buckner, voice; Roscoe Mitchell, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, percussion, flute
  109. Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory (with Leo Smith): The Bad Guys (Recorded in 2000 in Fano, Italy)
    Francesco Martinelli writes: `Just to let you know that an independent production associated with the Italian leftwing newspaper Il manifesto just released a live concert by Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory (with Leo Smith) recorded in 2000 in Fano. It's called "The Bad Guys", and I do not know the degree of its availability abroad.'
  110. Roscoe Mitchell & The Note Factory: Song For My Sister, (PI Recordings PI03, no recording date?? produced 2002)
    Roscoe Mitchell (ss, as, ts, fl, bass recorder, great bass recorder, perc), Leon Dorsey (b), Vijay Iyer (p), Vincent Davis (d, perc), Gerald Cleaver (d, marimba, perc), Spencer Barefield (g), Jaribu Shahid (b), Corey Wilkes (tp), Craig Taborn (p) special guests: Anders Svanoe (cl, b-cl), Willy Walter (bassoon), Janse H. Vincent (violin ), Nels Rultmann (viola)
  111. Roscoe Mitchell: Solo 3, (Mutable Music, 2004).
    This is a 3-CD set of Roscoe's solo music, recorded 03/01/04. He is credited with playing: Flute, Percussion, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Saxophones. Reviewed by Matthew Sumera for One Final Note.
  112. Roscoe Mitchell Quintet: Turn, (RogueArt 03; USA).
    With Craig Taborn, Corey Wilke, Jaribu Shahid, Tani Tabbal.
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