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Dan Plonsey

NEW and Upcoming Plonsey Events!

Last updated: Wednesday, March 18, 2015
7PM, Sunday, March 22, 2015
The Berkeley Arts, 2133 University Avenue (between Shattuck and Walnut)

A new edition of PlonseyCards (baseball cards, but more melancholic, agitated, disastrous; see below) will be available for purchase, as will recent CDs: Hockey Season, New Monsters: First Appearances, If I Were a Person Who, and Football Season.

Performers: Masha Albrecht, violin; Sarah Willner, viola; Mary Artmann, cello; Randy McKean, Josh Smith, Cory Wright, and me, saxophones and clarinets.

The string trios were made possible by a grant from San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music.

2. Plonsey has a new CD out called Football Season.
You can hear bits of it on youtube.
The latest installment is:
Football Season part 5"
You will need to find Plonsey in person to buy one of these limited edition of 100!

3. New Monsters' first CD was chosen by reviewer Andy Gilbert as one of the "Best Releases of 2012" Read and hear about it on a clip of the California Report". We're at 3:30.

Here's a more detailed piece from Andy, a very kind preview of a recent concert, in Berkeleyside.

Now there's a new live recording, New Monsters Live at Studio 55, available as MP3.

New Monsters is a quintet led by bassist Steve Horowitz which plays all Dan Plonsey compositions. The lineup: Plonsey and Steve Adams: saxophones; Scott Looney: piano; Horowitz: bass; John Hanes: drums.

Here's an interview with me and Steve in Sensitive Skin magazine about the band.

New Monsters also has an eponymous CD. Here are a few reviews:

4. A new cassette of music for clarinet and boot: Plonsey and Robert Horton has just been released on the Full of Nothing label: This Humanly Mess. This is the third recording I've released with Robert Horton as: The Imperfect Masters.
Here's a nice review in heathen harvest

5. Read all about Dan Plonsey in an article by Andrew Gilbert in the East Bay Monthly.

For details about any of these events, see: More details of upcoming (or past) Dan Plonsey events

Available now from: UNlimited Sedition: The newest recording by Daniel Popsicle, Music of El Cerrito Volume 2B: Wise King Taken by the Foolish One
A two-hour-long 2-CD piece in 26 sections, this is the second p art of the Kingdoms Diptych. More information: Full Press Release, information about the Kingdoms Diptych and the collection of Wi se King essays.

There are also two recent limited edition releases of Plonsey's music: